Supporting Infrastructure

Events of all sizes require infrastructure, and different kinds of events require different kinds of infrastructure.

This project will provide the infrastructure to lower barriers for event hosting, expand the kinds of events that take place at Festival Plaza, reduce load-in and load-out times, and streamline operations.

Additionally, some of the infrastructure proposed at Festival Plaza will support activities at the site during non-event times.

To accomplish this, the project proposes a series of support modules. Some are fixed in place, while others can be moved around the site as needed to support different events at different locations.

Site plan of Festival Plaza showing proposed layout of support modules



Event Support & Storage

The multipurpose modules can be used for concessions, kitchens, vendors, displays, or any number of similar uses. Fixed multipurpose modules will be at the perimeter of audience zone, with ample space for queuing, such that people standing do not obscure sightlines to the stage and queues don’t create bottlenecks in audience flow.

Flexible multipurpose modules, including food trucks, will have a few dedicated spaces, such that event producers can expand concessions capacity based on audience size.

For the comfort of park-goers, the site will accommodate a number of restrooms for regular park usage, as well as providing additional infrastructure for events usage. For the largest events, additional temporary restrooms/washrooms may need to be provided.

20’ or 40’ storage modules can be used for either City-owned site resources (ie. rental equipment, or maintenance equipment), or as temporary storage or other ancillary uses required by promoters for their events.  Temporary stages or equipment, fencing for dividing the site.

*Exact layout, quantities, and placements of the support modules may change with further design development

These support modules, made of shipping containers, pay homage to the site’s industrial history. For more than a century, what is now Festival Plaza was the site of a rail yard and box-car shipping facility which housed the infrastructure to ship train cars across the Detroit river by ferry. The site played a vital role in the industrial economies of Windsor and Detroit.

Shipping containers stacked to create an outdoor shopping areaShipping containers stacked to create an outdoor shopping streetCourtyard formed by shipping containers

Pop Up Architecture

The advantages of using shipping containers for the supporting infrastructure at Festival Plaza are many—they’re low cost, lightweight, and can be adapted quickly. In this way these support modules address event hosting logistics and tell a story about the site's important industrial history.


The modular shipping container structures can easily be reconfigured around the site to respond to different programming needs. For instance, smaller events held in the area adjacent to Centennial Plaza may benefit from having a small, elevated VIP viewing platform and F&B service. A collection of these six containers can be moved from the Concert Area for this event. Supporting modules containing washrooms are fixed and cannot be relocated due to servicing requirements.
Retail store made from shipping containersShipping container being moved by a forkliftShipping container store in a different configuration
Rendering of area under the proposed Canopy highlighting the location of the support modules and VIP areaRendering of the area under the proposed canopy

Flexible Support Modules & VIP for the audience area

Concert Vendor Mode

Floor plan of containers in concert mode

During concerts, these containers can be used for Food & Beverage and/or merchandise. Vendors provide the equipment and displays as required. Access to the washrooms is maximized through multiple entries.

Stacked shipping containers with light projectionsStacked shipping containers used in an events setting

Food Event Mode

Floor plan of containers in F&B mode

For a food festival, the majority of the containers could be occupied by vendors for the preparation of food.

Shipping container used as a food vendorShipping container used as a food vendor

Retail Vendor Mode

Floor plan of containers in vendor mode

Sponsored pop-up retail events, where vendors can occupy some of the container areas, and use others for storage of their goods. Vendors can expand their sales area with display tables spilling out into the concert area.

Leopard-print Nike-branded shipping containerAdidas-branded shipping containers
Floor plan of proposed VIP area at Festival Plaza

VIP Level

The VIP area is a unique audience experience for events Festival Plaza which provides an elevated viewing platform, separate washrooms, and and separate entrance from Riverside Drive. This is accommodated on the second level of shipping containers at the audience left position of the area under the canopy, and sits below the existing retaining wall at Riverside Drive. The VIP area allows either a two-tiered ticketing option for event promoters, or a perk for event sponsors (as many events in Windsor are reliant on sponsorship).


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